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Small Group Skill Development Courses

Hosted at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center in Stanwood, WA

Your Team

Whether in your personal or professional life, you need more than just technical skills for your team to work together successfully. Our horses teach development courses to strengthen people skills, or "soft skills". Gain insight into yourself and each other as you work together with horses through skill specific activities and discussions.

Our horses

With all their senses tuned for survival, horses can only live in the present moment. Unlike humans, they won’t reminisce about the past or worry about the future. The reactions and feedback they provide are instant and honest. As experts in body language, horses are watchful of their surroundings as well as the mood and energy of those around them.  At Take the Lead, we bring this together in an immersive learning experience between horses and humans.


Strengthen Skills

Horses use many social and survival skills when they interact with each other in the herd.  These skills include leadership, respect, clear communication, boundaries and more. Each course will create a small human and horse herd to strengthen people skills.


Enhance Self-Awareness

In these courses, we learn by doing. Being able to define a skill doesn't mean we know how to do it well. This immersive experience gives humans insight into themselves and opportunity for personal growth.


Experience an Authentic Connection

A horse will always be their honest selves, and if we want to earn their trust so they feel safe enough to let us lead, we must be honest with ourselves too.


Join our horses for an outdoor skill development course your group will not soon forget! Our non-riding, certified curriculum program will partner your team with horses to work together through skill specific obstacle challenges and discussions. No horse experience required!


90 minute skill  development course

  • 1 Certified Skill Course

  • 2 Horses  

  • 6 of your Team Members


per person

3 hour skill  development course

  • 2 Certified Skill Courses

  • 2 Horses

  • 6 of your Team Members


per person


choose your skill COURSE

Image by Ibrahim Rifath


2 couples + 2 horses
+ 3 hours


per couple

Two horses will guide two couples through a 3 Hour Workshop with two skill sets designed to spark conversations about life and relationships. Enjoy working together as you navigate obstacle challenges, review where your strengths and weaknesses are, and enjoy a day out to bring you closer to each other.


the lead

Horses have very acute senses and are keen observers. Although they do not speak any human language, they are experts at reading body language, including ours. As a prey animal, they have one of the fastest reaction times of any land animal. Horses give instant and honest feedback to each interaction they encounter. They rely on the teamwork of the herd to survive. It is these skills that our horses will use to help sharpen your own.

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meet the team

Image by Louise Pilgaard

Sarah Rivera

Sarah is a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. She  traded in her desk job for a pair of boots and never looked back! Now, she brings your team out of the conference room and into the herd.

Warm Beach camp Horses

Meet your new skills coach! These multi-talented horses not only work with groups, they also work with with riders for lessons, camp and therapy. Check out the horsemanship programs at Warm Beach and Conference Center.


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