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skill courses

Each course will begin with a safety orientation and tutorial on how to "speak" horse. We will then start with a discussion on the skill topic before breaking off to spend time getting to know and groom your horses. Each horse will be assigned to a maximum of three adults for the obstacle challenge portion of class. As groups work with their horses and each other, we will continue a dialog on the skill topic. Lastly, we will come back together as a group and review your experiences, insights, and personal realizations about the skills practiced with our horses.

choose your skill


Your group will work together to problem solve these course obstacles. in this course, you'll need articulation, listening and negotiating to be successful.

problem solving & Boundaries

Your group will come up with a plan together to navigate this course and lead your horse through each obstacle challenge while working within the provided boundaries. 

Trust & Respect

Navigate each obstacle using clear communication to help your "blind" team mate through each obstacle. Your group will use mutual trust and respect to complete this course.

articulation & active listening


Teams will work as right hand, brain, and left hand through each obstacle. the "brain" will be in charge of giving clear instructions to the "hands" to complete each station. Minimum of three people required for this course.

We will never have to tell our horse that we are sad, happy, confident, angry, or relaxed. He already knows – long before we do.
~Marjike de Jong

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